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Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous photographs. Will we see photographs of Bavaria in the Home and Abroad section of your site sometime soon? I sincerely hope so!
Nicola Schneider


Hi Dom - what great photos! I especially like the wildlife shots. Looking forward to seeing some more. Best wishes, Ed.
Ed Nash

Shetlands trip

Hi Dom,

Just found your website and was looking through your Shetlands photos - some real crackers there! LOVE the one with the Gannet fight at the end there - fantastic! Hope you're good. Carolyn
Carolyn Riddell


I hope you are well and have recovered from the experience of Africa. I have finally got around to looking at your website, there are some very good images there. .. I also saw some of your photos on Stu's site the other night - very good. Hope to hear from you soon.
Graham Clark


Those african pictures are AMAZING!! I had no idea you were into such excellent photography! I think you must have seen the best of the wildlife out there (glad to see no spiders though..!!) and captured some funny moments (i.e. birds on the giraffe and the hyenas chasing each other :)) Will see you soon :) Erin
Erin Stones

love your pictures

Hi Dominic,

Kate just sent me an e-m and told me about your site. I love all the wild animals and especially the big cats. Will look at more later and let my son, Daniel, know as well as other friends and relatives.

Are you on face book? I am and so is Veronica and Mandy.

bye for now, Vikki
vikki kavanagh

Your website

Hi Dom. Can't believe I haven't found your website before it's FANTASTIC! I knew you enjoyed photography but had no idea you had taken such fabulous pics. There are so many of them I just loved and the captions are just great! I really can't wait to see your S.Africa ones now! ...
Kaz Humphreys

Your photography

Hi Dom, just had a quick look at your website and your more recent pics which are fab. Can't wait to see the Kruger pics, hurry and get them on here. Jo x
Jo Osmond



It was nice talking to you yesterday at Donnington and I would really appreciate the pictures of Gary Mason and Leon Camier as per our discussion.

Hope you had a good day out and maybe see you at another meeting.

Many thanks.


Requested Feedback

Hello mate, just browsing the new additional photos to the site. Speaking as a layman I find them very impressive, clear and colourful and speaking as someone who was with you in Paris and Milan (not just the two of us I should clarify...not that there's anything wrong with that though) those are my favourites as they bring back the memories. I like the wolf photos too, pity they aren't for sale.


Your Photographs

Hi Dom

These are fab! Where did you photograph the European and Grey owls? Those 2 particularly, and the peregrine are amazing.

Jo Osmond

Joys and Sorrows

Hello Mr Kavanagh

I would like to offer my congratulations on the impressive website and photographs. Particularly enjoyed the references to the expensive beer in Milan! Oh the memories. However, I would like to register my disappointment at not being able to sign the Guest Book (unless I'm missing a link somewhere) and the lack of a link in the links section.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Matthew Selfe (Miss)
Matthew Selfe

Web Site

Great site, some fantastic pictures (a few of which I recognise)
Ben Selfe